How many people are lucky enough to say they love their jobs? Some, but not many. I’m one of the lucky ones.

If you’ve read anything else on this site you probably realize that I work online. Soon I’ll be heading all over the eastern half of the United States in the RV I recently purchased, and that’s all thanks to the job that I have – and a couple of great bosses.

I work for a company called 8th Rule Media, and we develop affiliate websites for the online gambling industry. Although we have a whole network of sites in various stages of development, our biggest site is

My job is running the day to day development of the sites, hiring & training employees, and developing strategies to get us to the next level (there is always a next level).

My job is challenging, but a lot of fun as well. I like to say it’s a chess game within a chess game, and it really is. Not only do we have to meet the challenges of creating useful and compelling information for our visitors, but we also have to turn them into paying customers. There’s a lot to it all, and if you work in this industry you know what I’m talking about.

We also have to deal with a fickle Google. Google loves to change up their search algorithm every few months, and what is considered okay today may get you penalized tomorrow. So, we have to watch the trends of what Google is doing, and look forward instead of looking at what is happening today. In this industry, if you’re focused on today you’re already behind.

Then you’ve got partnerships to put together, development of social media, videos to create, design, coding, SEO, statistics to analyze, people to train and manage, niches & opportunities to identify, tools and new features to invent and develop, and a thousand other things that need to get done. Then, you have to test everything – and make changes to most of it. Like I said, there’s a lot to it.

I got into this business in 2006, part-time looking for something more suitable to my desired lifestyle – which is to have as much freedom as possible. That doesn’t necessarily mean to work less, but rather to dictate when and where I work.

My whole life I’ve been a night person. Seriously, mornings suck. Even worse, I always hated having to wake up before my body wants to – just to go to a job and make someone else rich.

While I started in this part-time, my full time gig was a custom home painting and wood finishing business that I owned. I worked on huge houses south of Denver, usually 5000 – 12,000 sq ft. Although I enjoyed the work, I just wasn’t getting anywhere. So I went looking for something better. And since I was looking, I started by looking for something that I would love.

Without getting into all the details, this job is a perfect fit for me. Not only because of the hours and the freedom, but also because of the skill sets I have. It wasn’t long after I got into this industry that I knew it was the career choice I’d been looking for.

At the beginning of 2008 I went full-time. I had some ups and downs along the way, but in early 2013 I took the job that I have today. I’m very fortunate because this industry attracts a lot of like-minded people. Most of us appreciate that this business gives us the freedom to travel, to spend more time with our families, or to just relax and enjoy life.

The owners of the company I work for are exactly this type. Both of them love traveling, and they encourage us to do the same. They believe that balance in life is important – that it produces well adjusted employees, who in turn produce higher quality work.

I couldn’t agree more, and I couldn’t be luckier!